Justin Roche

Justin is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino, training in the Shamanic traditions and ancient healing arts.

Justin is one of the founding members of the Blue Wolf Community and ROUA AUOR. Coming from Ireland, an ancient tradition of music, poetry and culture, Justin has always been musical. Justin plays the native flute, Fujara, harmonica, hand drum, Bodhran, shacapa, mouth bow, rattles, and other various sound instruments.

Justin’s brings his musical voice through traditional native healing songs, chants and Icaros.

Allison Members Image.png

Allison Roche

Allison is a founding member of ROUA AUOR and Blue Wolf, an intentional community in the heart of Toronto that focuses on the implementation and deeper understanding of traditional, spiritual and indigenous teachings and practices. She has been on the path of learning the sacred wisdom traditions for over 15 years. In 2011 she became a faithful student of Maestro Manuel Rufino.

Allison has loved singing as far back as she can remember. A self-taught musician, her first instrument is her voice; she also plays the guitar, harmonium, crystal bowls, hand drum, native flute and many more eclectic instruments. Allison uses her spirited voice to connect to the elements and brings their healing energy into the prayerful songs she weaves. She finds joy in the healing her music brings to others and is grateful for the many different people on her path that have shared their songs and sacred traditions with her. Allison’s prayer is to be a living example of peace, kindness and clarity for others and that all beings find freedom from pain and suffering.

“The purity of prayer comes from the heart.”


Andrew Young

Andrew is a founding member of ROUA AUOR and Blue Wolf, a community in Toronto dedicated to the ancient and spiritual teaching of traditions, and is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino. He studies consciousness, Native American healing and music, as well as sacred songs.

Andrew is also a dedicated environmentalist working on healing the planet and providing ways forward through renewable and innovative methods and to promote sustainable stewardship. Andrew spends is musical effort studies on spiritual healing songs and learning different musical instruments along the way.


Lauren Saville

Lauren has been a member of the Blue Wolf community for over two years. She has always felt the rhythm of music, dancing since the age five. Lauren in a new member to ROUA UOR and is enjoying learning the ancient songs.

Always there with a rattle to keep beat and a voice to lend to the harmonies Lauren is excited to be a part of ROUA AUOR.


Lindsay Gosse

Lindsay is a founding member of ROUA AUOR and the Blue Wolf Community. She has planted her seeds in music with instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, djembe, hand drum, didgeridoo and vocals.

Her love of music has been present from the beginning of her life but sacred harmonies and sounds have been a focus since becoming a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino in 2011. Her musical intention is to raise the consciousness of humanity by weaving sounds and vocals that provide healing and take individuals on a personal journey through their own consciousness. Her most sacred point of creation within music is when chanting and singing with her sister Allison Roche.

Her healing journey is deeply connected not only to music but also the mentorship of youth and adults in reconnecting with the earth. She walks to the beat of our Great Mother and encourages others to do the same. Be prepared to feel the deep healing the earth provides through the sounds of her playing the didgeridoo.

Lindsay believes in the sacredness of song and knows that music is very good medicine for All.


Tyler Templeman

Tyler is a member of the Blue Wolf Community in Toronto, and student of Maestro Manuel Rufino. He creates various forms of sound as modes of healing and communication.

He is an artist, specializing in conceptual photography and music. Altruistic by nature, Tyler is exploring his calling to serve his fellow man.